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Good lighting effect, it's not that simple!
release time:2021-09-09 09:54:14
When it comes to lighting effects, many people think: isn't it just installing a few lights? Just find some nice lamps and install them? If you hold this idea or rely entirely on your own feelings, the effect may be impossible to look directly at.
▲ I wanted to make a cool light, but it turned into a haunted house scene
Good lighting effect, ranging from cities and buildings to a lamp. Good lighting design can improve the quality and create an atmosphere. Good lighting effect is not as simple as we thought!
First, the subject has good performance and wide application range;
Secondly, it can extend the visual space without glare
Finally, it has the characteristics of scene, drama, artistry, creativity, science and technology, etc.
Therefore, it is not difficult to see that lighting carries 100% of the atmosphere, and different lighting effects have different effects on people's mood. For example, when you work, bright lights can make you more energetic; When you play a movie at home on a leisurely night, the dim lights can make you more involved in the plot; For another example, in high-end hotels, different lighting atmospheres at different times will make guests more comfortable... Nowadays, with too many personalized needs and technological innovation, dimming has become a necessary function of lighting, and the "hero" hidden behind it, of course, is inseparable from dimming power supply. Dimming power supply achieves LED dimming function by controlling the output of LED current, voltage and frequency. Ordinary power supply only has the function of on and off, while dimming power supply can adjust the brightness, color temperature and color of light according to the requirements of human eye comfort, environment and scene. It is more powerful than ordinary power supply, more energy-saving and environmental protection.
As a supplier of domestic LED dimming power supply and control system and a service provider of intelligent lighting solutions, euchips has focused on dimming for 16 years and strives to accurately control each lamp! After years of precipitation and accumulation, it has its own unique advantages in the field of LED dimming power supply. Our most classic dimming methods are Dali dimming, 0 / 1-10V dimming, thyristor dimming, DMX dimming, etc. they are also the most widely used dimming methods in the market. Of course, euchips also actively responds to the market demand and independently develops a set of overall lighting management and control system - eu-bus system, which uniformly manages Dali, 0 / 1-10V, thyristor and DMX dimming, calls scenes and controls each other. Powerful and widely used!
Dimming power supply has a wide range of applications, including indoor lighting and outdoor lighting.
Indoor lighting: dimming power supply is installed in general hotels, restaurants, offices and other lighting places, and even many families to create different situational atmosphere. For example, adjust different color temperatures according to different seasons. For example, adjust the warm color temperature in winter to give people a warm and soft feeling; It is cool and warm in summer, giving people a refreshing feeling. Euchips dual color temperature dimming power supply can be easily realized.
Outdoor lighting: street lamps, subway, outdoor lighting, etc. to achieve on-demand lighting, maximize energy saving and reduce light pollution under the condition of meeting functional requirements. In addition, due to the use environment of outdoor space, especially thunderstorm weather, the lightning surge risk faced by LED lighting must be paid attention to. The waterproof dimming power supply of euchips is equipped with surge protection and high-performance waterproof level to effectively improve the safety and efficiency of the power supply working outdoors for a long time.
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