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I can't hide it! It turns out that everyone likes to use thi
release time:2021-09-09 09:55:35
Color temperature is a physical quantity used to define the color of light source in illumination optics. That is, when a blackbody is heated to a temperature and the color of the light emitted by it is the same as that emitted by a light source, the heating temperature of the blackbody is called the color temperature of the light source, referred to as the color temperature, and the unit is expressed in K. Note: the essence of color temperature is actually the temperature of color, not the color of temperature. Different color temperatures have different effects on atmosphere and emotion.
Our friends who are familiar with us may remember that Dali and 0 / 1-10V dimming, color matching and temperature power supply were released last year, and the products received waves of high praise as soon as they came into the market. Euchips siege lions have made persistent efforts to expand the product line and have more choices in power. This time, euchips newly released Dali and 0 / 1-10V constant current dimming and color matching temperature power supply, with high efficiency and no stroboscopic! Welcome to buy.
1. 2-channel constant current output, multi gear current optional
Dali and 0 / 1-10V constant current dimming and color matching temperature power supply are 2-channel constant current output. The output current can be controlled by dial switch, and multi gear current can be selected. It is suitable for LED indoor lamps, such as downlight, panel lamp, etc.
2. Safety protection & high PF low THD
It is equipped with high PF and low THD, which is stable and reliable, and effectively improves the power utilization rate; At the same time, the built-in short circuit, overload and overvoltage protection can effectively avoid the damage of equipment components caused by circuit failure, prolong the service life of dimming equipment and lamps, and make it safer and more worry-free!
3. 0.1% ~ 100% dimming, no stroboscopic
Built in high-performance MCU chip challenges the dimming limit, which can realize one thousandth depth dimming, smooth and natural dimming in the whole process, no stroboscopic, and more comfortable visual feeling for human eyes; The color temperature range is 3000K ~ 6000K. People have no particularly obvious visual psychological effect under this color temperature. The light color is soft and visually comfortable. Color temperature is not high, suitable is the best!
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